Orca Energy Project Provides Sales Model for Geothermal

As costs continue to drop for most renewables, Market Makers are starting to move on selling retail geothermal solutions

-Bosch Geothermal

-Orca Energy

‘The key, says Mark Stimson, business development manager for Bosch Thermotechnology, is taking the highest cost of geothermal loop off the table: excavating and drilling to install the ground loop.


293bceeAt Badger Mountain he says, “they were looking to build a master-planned community that would really stand out. They connected with Orca Energy, which has a thermal service provider program. So you get all of the benefits of geothermal without the first-cost hurdle of the ground loop. The way it works is that Orca owns (and maintains) the ground loop, while the other equipment, heat pumps and so on, are amortized over the 20-year home mortgage.”

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